Student Loans: Housing Bubble All Over Again

Student loans are more than fire traps for millions of American families. Trust me, they’re the next subprime mortgage crisis.

They’re the easiest loans out there. Enrolled in a couple of classes? Congrats, your loan application is accepted.

Fiscally mismanaged colleges and universities that should have been out of business long ago? Propped up by mediocre-at-best students paying their tuition with easy-peesy student loans.

Now all of a sudden, here’s what we’ve got:

Student loan debt that surpassed total credit card debt in the U.S. This year’s graduating class of college seniors had the highest average student loan debt to date, and that total just jumped above the $1 trillion mark.

And by the way, of that $1 trillion, approximately 80 percent was federal student loan debt and 20 percent was private student loan debt.

It used to be a college loan was an investment. In the current economy, it’s turned out to be considerably less valuable than most of us ever imagined. So what happens? A whole bunch of Americans find themselves under water, with large student loan debts they can’t pay off easily, debts that no bankruptcy court can settle.

The big student-loan game-changer came in 2005, with the passage of the bankruptcy reform bill. It changed the law so that even private student loans couldn’t be discharged during bankruptcy. What a bonanza for lenders, who quickly found a credit risk-free loan averaging 7 percent a year.

Now new student loan debt is piling up faster than kids can pay their loans off.

If only new college grads could find jobs that pay, or — in some cases — if they could find jobs at all.

Said Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of and, who has compiled the estimates of student loan debt, including federal and private loans, “In the coming years, a lot of people will still be paying off their student loans when it’s time for their kids to go to college.”

So, what do you say? Is this, as the Wall Street Journal calls it, a scenario we can dub the Higher Education Bubble? It costs so much money people have to go into debt to buy it, it’s a status symbol, it’s seen as a social good and government subsidizes it through tax incentives. The similarities between the Housing Bubble and the Higher Education Bubble are quite amazing.

Inflation in general in the United States since 1986 has been 107 percent. Inflation for college tuition is 466 percent.

When the government made it exceptionally easy for students to borrow massive amounts of money, the colleges followed the lead by increasing their tuition rates. This combination led to record-level borrowing. Today, the average undergraduate student loan debt is nearing $20,000. Those who go on to graduate school often end up with an additional $30,000. Law and medical students report an average accumulated debt from all years (undergraduate and graduate study) of $91,700.

One big problem is this: When students fail to make payments, the government is forced to allow a minimum payment schedule. At the rate of these minimum payments, which often are adjusted and readjusted, Uncle Sam is taking a beating.

There are three types of student loans in the U.S.:
Federal student loans made to students directly: No payments while enrolled in at least half-time status. If a student drops below half-time status, the account will go into its six-month grace period. If the student re-enrolls in at least half-time status, the loans will be deferred, but when they drop below half-time again they will no longer have their grace period. Amounts are quite limited as well. There are loan forgiveness provisions for teachers and health professionals serving low-income areas. Currently, certain loan forgiveness or discharges are considered income by the Internal Revenue Service.
Federal student loans made to parents: Much higher limit, payments start immediately.
Private student loans made to students or parents: Higher limits and no payments until after graduation, although interest will start to accrue immediately. Private loans may be used for any education-related expenses such as tuition, room and board, books, computers, and past-due balances. Private loans can also be used to supplement federal student loans, when federal loans, grants and other forms of financial aid are not sufficient to cover the full cost of higher education.
In 2007, Attorney General of New York State Andrew Cuomo led an investigation into lending practices and anti-competitive relationships between student lenders and universities.

What happened was that many universities steered student borrowers to “preferred lenders.” It resulted in those borrowers incurring higher interest rates. Some of the “preferred lenders” allegedly rewarded university financial aid staff with kickbacks — which led to changes in lending policy at many major American universities.

Importance Of Bhopal News

Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, this makes Bhopal News important. It matters not only to the local people but to all those who are connected to the city. The city attracted international attention after the Gas Disaster in the year 1984. After this incident Bhopal News became the center of attention for both national and international media.
The tragedy caused rigorous harm to various people and is still continuing to affect the health of the residents in Bhopal. This is the reason that media has always given importance to any piece of Bhopal News which is related to the gas tragedy.
The city is a hub to all the important administrational changes happening in the state. Quite clearly, any important development happening the state will be reported from Bhopal.
The city is also an important economic, industrial, educational and political center of the State. ISRO’s Master Control Facility which is the second installation of its kind in the country, youngest Laboratory of CSIR i.e. the Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute (AMPRI), MANIT, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER Bhopal), School of Planning and Architecture, Indian Institute of Forest Management are all established in the city. The presence all these institutes in the city give relevance to Bhopal News.
The city remains in news because of the various industries as well. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, which is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India, has a unit in Bhopal. It occupies a large area in the Eastern Part of the city and maintains a suburb named after it. A majority of the residents of the BHEL Suburb are employed by the unit.
Major commercial areas in the city are M.P. Nagar, Bittan Market, New Market, 10 Number Market. These places also accommodates many business houses, hardware and software stores, banks, media and press houses, showrooms, retail stores, coaching centres as well as hotels, restaurants, eateries, shopping centers, malls and movie halls. This makes the region popular among the youth of the city, popularity of these areas give them a place in Bhopal News.
It is also an education hub of the state, a number of students from all over the country come to Bhopal in order to pursue education. Bhopal News is important for these outstation students as well, this keeps them aware of the happenings in a city which is quite new to them. Students come here mainly to pursue engineering and medical courses.
Apart from being in news for its culture and economic wealth, the city has also been in news for some negative reasons. There has also been a time when Bhopal News was mainly focused around the riots in the city. Communal riots of 1992 attracted media attention in a huge way. Anybody who has been a follower of Bhopal News will never forget the impact of 1992 riots in the city. These riots were supposed to be a post-babri demolition reaction.
Bhopal is also home to the DB Corp, informally called the Bhaskar Group (after its major publication Dainik Bhaskar), a Rs. 1700 crore (Rs. 17 billion) business conglomerate with strong presence in newspapers, television, entertainment, printing, textiles, fast moving consumer goods, oils, solvents and internet services. Its head office is located in Maharana Pratap Nagar. Manjul Publishing House, located in the old city, is a major publishing house made famous by the translation of the Harry Potter series of novels into Hindi. Dainik Bhaskar has played an important role in popularizing Bhopal News on a national level.
Clearly, Bhopal News will matter to all those who are residents of the city, and also to those who have been a part of the city at some point of time in their life. A person living in some distant part of the country, if connects to Bhopal somehow, will definitely connect to Bhopal News

University Exam Results � A Career Turing Point For Students

Nowadays, the importance of master degree and technical education need not be determined, because knowledge is the decisive asset for bright career. Every individual are estimating the importance and necessitate of university education; that is why they are supporting others to follow degree education in the finest universities in India.

India is progressively being seen as an appropriate education hub because of a plethora of reasons. The chief parameters are high quality of education, affordable pricing structure of courses, intermingling mates, culture rich environment, inspire infrastructure, capable and experienced person faculties etc.

India is prominent for its plump education structure and the prospects it includes to upright a winning career tree. It is for the universities in India that the business sector not at all suffers from unavailability of industry ready professionals. On the bases of university exam results may corporate companies arranged interviews quickly.

The over abundance of universities in India makes it a necessity for population to refer to university list India. This is required to grasp an apt know how of the standings of different universities. With an innumerable of options in front of him/her any applicant is sure to get persuaded while choosing a suitable course.

It is very important for students to correctly reckon their effectiveness, flaws, legerdemain and information base to find out the best suited subjects and course for them. When it comes to universities India, there are many a different kinds mainly being the government operated and the private ones of universities like deemed universities, national institutes, open universities, distance learning ones, etc.

Among these factors, the kind of university that one wants to get admitted to is the most very important one. Students should always weigh on getting admitted into a precise university and make an objective statement. Universities in India offer an embarrassment of courses such as under graduate courses, diplomas, degrees, etc. In these courses, there are assortments of subjects in which one can choose to major. One should choose the subject very carefully to achieve better university exam results.

There is plethora of job opportunity that is provided to the students of these universities. Appointment assistance is also given to the students to choose the career consistent with their own choice. The students who are studying far away can also go for the distance learning conducted by the university in order to get the degree.

The performance in the qualifying test of the students decides the admission in the top university of the country. Some of the good quality universities only take up the score that is obtained by the students in the entrance examination. The students who are applying for the courses at the under graduation level must have passed 12th standard along with a percentage that has been determined as the cut off marks for the students.

Likewise, if the candidate is to apply for the course in the master degree education then the student must possess the bachelor’s degree with the minimum university exam results that is required for the admission. Certain college and university have some seats reserved for the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes and physically disabled students.