List of different types of blood tests and what they mean for gynecomastia detection

When someone goes into the doctor’s office with the issue of gynecomastia, several tests are needed. Not only will a physical be needed to examine the tissue and whether or not there are growths and other elements to look for, but a full screening of blood tests will be required. There are several tests that are going to be ordered, and several workups will be examined to figure out whether or not this is a matter of hormonal imbalance, cancerous cell growth, or anything else that may be a problem as a whole.

The Workup of Blood

The blood tests that are going to be looked into vary from doctor to doctor, but these are the most common.

HCG – the first major option is that of human chorionic gonadotropin. For some, this is a well-known acronym in the body building world, and in regards to dieting. It’s helpful in metabolizing caloric intake and fat cells within the body.

LH – lutenizing hormone is the reason this is looked into, and it’s in regards to testing the hormone balance to find abnormalities. If the levels are not within range here, then something is definitely wrong on a glandular level

TSH – thyroid stimulating hormone is the main element here, and it’s to test whether or not the thyroid gland is producing the right balance. When it’s deficient things can be very difficult to manage, and when it’s hyperactive, control over testosterone can be really difficult to manage.

T3/T4 – thyroid functions aside from the TSH are found here. This measures the levels at which the hormones are displaced, organized, and used. This is an important aspect of finding whether or not gynecomastia is in fact a matter of thyroid function as a whole.

Estradiol – testing the levels to ensure that there are no signs of androgen or pituitary issues
Testosterone – the building blocks for male hormone balances starts here, and it’s one of the major elements that is looked into. If there is an issue here, then man boobs are no doubt going to form.

Figuring It Out

All of this is in response to the medical connections of hormone development in the body and the rise of man boobs for men and boys. Trying to find balance is important here and will definitely give a great deal of help for those that need a bit of a push forward. An endocrinologist will ask for these tests to be done so that movement forward becomes a matter of ease.

Once a doctor can denote whether or not this is a matter of cancerous growths, or something of a larger scale, different elements will in fact be the main factors moving forward. If the issue is a matter of a growth that is malignant, surgery and treatment will be necessary. If it’s not, then a prescription can be given to level out hormonal shifts, and more. It’s a matter of focusing on several things in order to gain access to a proper result, and fix.

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